Fun Facts

Owen Paul’s first single from 1985 ‘Pleased To Meet You’ got him nominated for a BRIT  Award as Best New Act that year

KC from KC & The Sunshine Band is addicted to a good time and enjoys chillin on the beach.

Kurt Maloo (Double) is very oral.  He chews on his knuckles when he’s  nervous and he suckles just for fun….if nothing better is in reach.

Mark Rogers (Hollywood Beyond) loves hot, spicey food. He would put hot sauce on my cornflakes if he was allowed to . He knows the food tastes right when his eyes start to water.

Stephen Grant (Tight Fit) has a best friend.  A dolphin named Tanner.

Simon Wolstencroft  (The Fall) played on the first ever recording by The Smiths but refused to join the band because he didn’t like the cut of Morrissey’s jib.

Martin Degville (Sigue Sigue Sputnik) loves to put on his frilly apron and can be seen cooking up a storm in his kitchen.

Animotion’s hit song  “Obsession” was a cover of a song by Michael Des Barres and Holly Knight which was used in the 1983 movie, “A Night In Heaven”.

In 1988,Debbie Gibson became the youngest female artist to write, produce and perform a #1 hit with “Foolish Beat” at age 17. The record still holds till this day.

Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran produced Kajagoogoo’s first album.

Elton John played Piano on Wham!’s 1986 hit “The Edge of Heaven”

Thomas Dolby helped with keyboards on Foreigner’s 1981 smash album “4” including their #2 smash “Waiting For a Girl Like You.”

Eddie Van Halen, of the band Van Halen, played solo guitar on Michael Jackson’s song Beat It.

Prince played keyboards on Stevie Nick’s hit “Stand Back”, under the alias “Alexander Nevermind”.